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Top 5 Reasons To Get a Server For Your Business

Are you thinking about getting a server for your small business but aren't sold on the reasons why? North Sydney IT, an IT support and IT services provider to small and medium businesses, shows you the top 5 reasons you need to get a server.

1. Make data easier to manage
It can be very frustrating going from PC to PC looking for the file that you need. Hassling co-workers to send you the latest update wastes not only your time, but also theirs. By centralizing all the data on a single server that all your PC's are connected to, these problems are eliminated. Sharing data will become a lot easier, and the total cost of ownership for your IT environment gets lowered because the storage and processing requirements for PC's is less now the server is taking on much of the burden.

2. Enable mobile employees
Attracting employees to work in small business can be tough. Dated technology causing frustrations it is even more difficult. Modern business is happening everywhere, and modern employees expect to be able to work wherever they are. Microsoft's SBS2008 comes with Terminal Server licenses, which allows out-of-office employees to have remote access to the network. Other great features include Remote Web Workplace (RWW) which allows remote access to files and RPC over HTTP which allows mobile employees to connect through the internet to the server securely allowing them to access emails as if they were in the office.

3. Backups and disaster recovery
Access to business data is critical now for all businesses, whether large or small. If a PC fails and data is lost, it can cost countless dollars and valuable time trying to recover it. With a server, everything is made easier. Whether using the in-built capabilities of SBS2008 or specialized back-up software such as Symantec, when all the business data is in one place it is simple to configure timely back-ups and potentially save your business from disaster.

4. Single domain emails
A server running MS Exchange will allow your business to consolidate email accounts using the one domain. If you have a website such at, with a little configuration all employees will be able to have email addresses such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and so on. This not only looks professional, but makes it much easier to remember compared to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for example.

5. Sharing resources
Printing without a server is a hassle. If employees often need to share hardware such as printers and fax machines, implementing a server will save a lot of time and money. Not only this, but a server allows your business to share software applications and enable many features on an IP telephony system. Most new technologies will now assume that a server is in place as they offer server and client versions designed to work together to provide the maximum benefits.

For more information, why not talk to an expert. North Sydney IT's infrastructure support team can guide you through the process in simple, easy to understand language.

Vodafone Fastest Mobile Broadband


North Sydney IT is a trusted advisor to our clients for IT Support and IT Services. A broadband comparison website has recently revealed that Vodafone tops the mobile broadband speet test with an average speed of 2.2Mbps, higher than the average of 1.88Mbps.


Broadband comparison website,, revealed Vodafone maintained an average mobile broadband speed of 2.2Mbps, higher than the average speed of other providers surveyed at 1.88Mbps. Broadband Expert collected data from 1724 mobile broadband speed tests conducted via the website between July-December 2009.


As a part of North Sydney IT's mobility strategy, we have seen a significant growth in this area as the relatively new technology has seen consistent increases in speed. It is a great solution for C-level's looking to browse websites, send emails and even make voice calls through the office phone using unified communications.

Ranking by provider, number of tests, average downloads speed (Mbps) and average upload speed (Mbps).


1. Vodafone 236, 2.2, 0.8

2. Optus 286, 2.1, 0.6

3. Virgin Mobile 176, 2.1, 0.4

4. Telstra BigPond 476, 1.8, 0.7

5. 3 Mobile 550, 1.2, 0.5

Total 1724, 1.88, 0.6


Affordable Cisco Video Calls and Conferencing

Cisco is pioneering Video and Voice Over IP (VVIOP) technology and is continuing to push the remote teleworking agenda by offering many options for clients to get down the path of video calls and video conferencing.

From high end Telepresence to internal video calls using Cisco Video Advantage, Cisco now has a full suite of video calls and video conference products for customers with varied budgets and needs.

Let’s have a quick look at the Cisco’s Video Advantage product.

Cisco Unified Video Advantage is an easy and efficient video application. This technology adds video capabilities to a Cisco Unified IP Phone 794x, 796x, or 797x or Cisco Unified IP Communicator. It uses software on a PC connected to the IP phone. The PC has a video camera connected to it via a USB port. There is no further action required; the system behaves in the same manner as with normal phone calls. Additionally, the user can add video to phone calls without requiring any extra button-pushing or mouse-clicking.

This solution is espicially suitable for clients with multiple sites and want to enable video calls between different office locations. This solution can be easiliy set-up enabling internal free video calls.



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