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IT Finance Options

Organise your IT Finance with ease through North Sydney IT's flexible arrangements

Finance Options

With today's high levels of technology obsolescence, organisations need to consider a number of key financial factors when deciding whether to finance or purchase equipment.

As all businesses are different with varying needs, we find a consistent requirement is to invest in capital to maintain competitive advantage but at the same time minimise the impact on cashflow.

Talk to us about arranging finance for your next I.T. purchase - ph. 1300 783 899What will your equipment be worth at the end of its useful life?

The operational value of your equipment decreases over time, while the residual risk of using outdated equipment increases. Implementing a finance solution will optimise residual value and minimise residual risk. Residual risk is minimised because North Sydney IT is responsible for the disposal of the equipment at the end of the rental term, while residual value is returned to you in the form of lower rental payments throughout the contract.

What is the true cost of the capital or other funds that are required to finance both the acquisition and operation of your equipment?

Implementing a finance strategy will allow you to leverage your capital and invest it in opportunities that will help you to grow your business. This will mean your capital would no longer be tied-up in depreciating assets.

Will your asset register withstand the rigours of your next external audit?

Your organisation could risk qualification if auditors are not satisfied with the results of an asset audit. Renting your assets through Sale and Leaseback removes this concern. By renting your equipment, you not only remove your assets from the balance sheet, but you also gain greater control over the true cost of your leased assets.


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