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Linux support

Linux Server Support

We can provide Linux support and the below services on any kind of Linux or Unix based family servers (such as Redhat , Fedora , FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Debian OS and Solaris).

  • Linux Mail Server: Installation and configuration of freeware  and stable mail servers like Sendmail , Qmail and Postfix
  • Linux Proxy Server: Squid is one of the best available Http proxy servers with excellent features of management, security and stability. It can protect your company from external attacks, manage Internet bandwidth of users and with powerful report system you can find out all activities from clients on Internet.
  • Linux Web Server: Apache is the most popular web server amongst all types of businesses, large or small. North Sydney IT can perform any kind of installation and configuration of Apache web server .
  • Linux DNS Server: Named or Bind Server on Linux family is suitable for companies who host their DNS records.
  • Application Server: With Samba you can use your Linux server as an Application server and you will have access to your resources even from your windows PC.
  • Linux FTP server: FTP Server is one of the standard ways to transfer data securely online.
  • Monitoring and Management: With monitoring and management software such as Nagios and Mrtg you can continously monitor your servers, devices, and services to ensure the smooth running of the system.
  • Linux Firewall: If you need to protect your company from external threats we can provide many different types of firewalls from Basic to Advanced systems on a Linux server.
  • Linux Routing: We can provide many different types of routing services on a Linux server, including Cisco routers.


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