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Information ProtectionProtect your business data from disaster


  • Productivity and business survival is based on the availability of meaningful information
  • Destruction of your information can and does happen, and your business must have a plan in place to mitigate the resulting damage


When was the last time you verified that your backups are working?  Do you worry about losing critical business information if/when there is a major problem with your network?  We recommend all businesses have a plan in place that outlines the recovery in the event of a hard drive malfunction, computer virus, fire or human error.  If any document, spreadsheet, or other type of file exists in only one location, your business is at risk. When these problems occur, weeks, months or even years of work can disappear forever. The continual backing up of data and systems can help minimize the impact of threats. The best protection from such a disaster is to have multiple versions of the data, including at least one copy stored in an alternate location.

North Sydney IT use and recommend online backup, that allows users to back up data to a remote, offsite location over existing internet bandwidth. Together with our partners at we'll give your business peace of mind with a data protection strategy that includes offsite storage of a backup of your data without requiring physical transportation of the data from your location to another remote storage location.

Backup advice from North Sydney IT:

  • The more important the data the greater the need is for backing it up.
  • Storing the copy near the original is unwise, since many disasters such as fire, flood and electrical surges are likely to cause damage to the backup at the same time.
  • Automated backup and scheduling should be considered, as manual backups can be affected by human error.
  • Backups will fail for a wide variety of reasons. A verification or monitoring strategy is an important part of a successful backup plan.
  • It is good to store backed up archives in open/standard formats. This helps with recovery in the future when the software used to make the backup is obsolete. It also allows different software to be used.


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