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The Cisco UC500Switches and Routers



What is a Router?


Routers connect LAN's to WAN's, or put another way a router connects your business network to the internet (the biggest WAN).  Given the prevalence of the internet and the reliance most SMB/SME's place on it, a router is often found in our SMB networking solutions because it allows for the following capabilities:


  • Converges network and security services to eliminate excess costs generated by inefficient components
  • Provides modular components that easily scale with a growing company
  • Enables secure delivery of advanced business applications
  • Improves network availability and accessibility to facilitate customer-centric services
  • Provides comprehensive, market-proven security that safeguards both network and business
  • Reduces unnecessary costs and network disruptions caused by network security breaches
  • Improves business and employee productivity through timely delivery of network services
  • Elevates staff responsiveness to customers, partners, and to each other through a flexible, easy-to-access network



What is a Switch?


A switch is essentially an intelligent HUB.  When a switch receives data, the switch examines the data link header for the MAC address of the destination station and forwards it to the correct port. This forwarding opens a path between ports that can use the full bandwidth of the topology.

The Layer 3 switch functions at the network layer and performs the multiport, virtual LAN, and data-pipelining functions of a standard Layer 2 switch. The Layer 3 switch can also perform basic routing functions between virtual LANs.

Multilayer switching has high-speed scalability and low latency compared to routers. It combines functionality of the switching at the Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 levels.

When compared to a switch, a network bridge connects multiple network segments exclusively at the data link layer, Layer 2, of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. Bridges are similar to repeaters or network hubs, in the sense that these devices connect network segments at the physical layer.


Our recommended SMB Router & Switch Series

Product Category

Product Series

Switching Catalyst Express 500 Series
Catalyst Express 520 Series
Cisco Catalyst 2940 Series
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series
Routing Cisco 800 Series
Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Security Cisco ASA 5505 Series Adaptive Security Appliance
Cisco ASA 5510 Series Adaptive Security Appliance
Wireless 500 Series Access Points
1100 Series Access Points
1200 Series Access Points
WLAN Controllers
Network Management Small and Medium Business Network Management

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